Our story: the origin of Drimydolls rag dolls

Drimydolls is a passionate and committed team working with the goal of reviving the values ​​of simple play and the innocence of childhood through our rag dolls. Our name comes from the combination of "Dream" and "Dolls", which translates to "the dolls of your dreams".

Our adventure began in 2021, when the pandemic changed our perspective on life and prompted us to create handmade rag dolls to bring the people we love closer in difficult times. Our designer, María Núñez, created several sketches of dolls, putting her heart in each stroke. Then, seamstresses, dressmakers and a sewing and pattern-making team joined in, who worked with love on each stitch.

Additionally, our graphic designer collaborated on the packaging design, capturing the essence of each doll in its exclusive packaging box. Our digital marketing manager was in charge of spreading the soul of our brand, which reaches more people every day.

Muñecas de trapo blanditas Eira y Hannah

Inspired by the Montessori method and symbolic play, our Drimydolls encourage creativity and learning in boys and girls of all ages. They are so soft that they are ideal for encouraging symbolic play in early stages and children with autism, highlighting the importance and benefits of symbolic play in child development, as well as inspiring affection, since they are - as we like to say - dolls to hug.

Our rag dolls are now available online on this website and at other authorized points of sale. In addition, we have dresses and accessories for sale so you can personalize and combine each doll to your liking. Thus, each Drimydolls rag doll becomes "my first doll" for each child, accompanying them in their dreams and hopes.

With our dedicated and passionate team, Drimydolls seeks to make you feel special by having one of our tender and wonderful rag dolls in your hands, bringing love and excitement to every corner of the world.

On our blog, we share relevant and useful information about the Montessori method, symbolic play, and other topics related to child development. We also publish inspiring stories about how our rag dolls have positively impacted the lives of children and families, demonstrating the importance of symbolic play and love in childhood.

With the support of our small, great community and the tireless work of our team, Drimydolls continues to grow and evolve, always with the commitment to provide quality products, full of love and enthusiasm, that make every child they hold in their hands feel special. one of our rag dolls.

Together, we continue to build a world in which every boy and girl has the opportunity to dream, play and grow, holding the doll of their dreams in their arms.

fundadora de las muñecas de trapo Drimydolls

María Núñez

"My greatest dream has always been to be able to make people a little happier. If with my dolls I am able to make you smile, if I can make you relive the purest feelings of love when you hug them, I will have achieved my dream."