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Hellooo!! ✨💙 I'm Carla Flila, and I have SUPER news for all of you! 🎉

My Dream Doll is here!

Imagine this: A doll that looks like my twin! Yes, that's cool. With a lot of love and creativity my mother, along with me and Drimydolls, has delved into this very special project. I'm hallucinating!

The craziest thing of all is that I was able to participate in the entire process, being part of the choice of every detail of the design. From his clothes like mine, his sneakers, to my very long hair and the sparkles in his eyes! It's my total mini-me! 📸

Beyond being a most adorable doll, my Drimydolls are the reflection of the love between a mother and her daughter. It represents creativity, passion and how amazing it is to pursue your dreams. I want you to feel inspired to be authentic and connect with your loved ones and yourself when you see this doll.

Ready to join this adventure with me? These limited edition dolls are ready to be yours.

And remember: "Everything passes"

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Excited to see what I have become and proud to be a reference for many people 💙

Carla Flila: The successful content creator on social networks

Carla Flila is a successful social media content creator, standing out on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. With millions of followers and likes on his videos, he has gained recognition for his talent and originality. In addition to her professional success, Carla has shared intimate moments on her mtmad channel, where she narrates her process of grief and self-discovery, as well as her travels and experiences. Despite personal obstacles, his career promises to continue growing and connecting with his audience.

Carla Flila's professional career in social networks

Carla Flila has built a successful career on social media, starting with her beginnings on and rising to fame on TikTok. In his youth, he showed a great interest in dancing and social media, and it was on where he began to stand out with his music videos.

Beginnings on and rise on TikTok

Carla Flila found her first successful platform on, where her music videos stood out and she began to gain followers. Over time, this platform became TikTok, and Carla was able to quickly adapt to the changes and maintain her rise in popularity.

Influence of Carla Flila on social networks

Carla Flila has managed to build a great influence on social networks, especially on TikTok and Instagram, where she has a large number of followers. His content has become popular and has generated a growing community of followers who interact with his posts.

Number of followers and likes on TikTok and Instagram

On TikTok, Carla Flila has amassed an impressive following, with a base of 4.2 million people following her updates and delighting in her content. His videos have received a total of 235.7 million likes, demonstrating the impact of his posts on the platform.

Additionally, on Instagram, Carla has 635,000 followers, which shows her growing influence on this social network as well. Their publications on both platforms generate interaction and attraction from their audience, which demonstrates their impact on social networks.

Relationships with other content creators

Carla Flila has not only built a successful solo career, but she has also established relationships with other influential creators in the world of social media. He has collaborated and been related to important figures such as Dulceida and Alba Paul, which shows his integration and recognition within this community.

Impact of the pandemic on your career

The pandemic has affected the entertainment industry and social networks have been no exception. However, Carla Flila has been able to adapt and has managed to maintain and even increase her presence on these platforms despite the difficulties. Their ability to continue generating relevant and engaging content has been key to maintaining their influence and continuing to connect with their audience during these difficult times.

The intimate life of Carla Flila on her mtmad channel

Story of her grieving and self-discovery process

On her mtmad channel titled 'Fall in love with you', Carla Flila shares very personal moments from her life. One of the main topics she addresses is her grieving process after a painful breakup. With honesty and courage, he tells how he has overcome this difficult stage and found the strength to move forward.

Travels and experiences shared in their videos

Carla invites us to witness her exciting adventures on the trips she takes. Through her videos, we can accompany her in her experiences in different destinations, such as her trip to Punta Umbría with Lucía de la Puerta and Aida Redru, or her attendance at a snow festival in the company of Lucía Bellido and La Cuchillos. He also takes us by the hand to Morocco, where he camps in the desert and explores his origins.

Revelations about his personal life and complexes

Carla Flila is not afraid to show her vulnerability and share with her audience different aspects of her personal life. He has spoken openly about his relationship with his biological father and the discovery of a secret brother, revealing intimate and exciting details. In addition, he has shared his experiences and complexes related to his drastic weight loss and the difficulties he has faced in the field of relationships.

Future perspective of Carla Flila's career

Carla Flila's social media career promises continued growth and greater reach in the future. His influence on TikTok and Instagram has continued to grow, and his ability to connect with thousands of followers ensures him a prominent place in the world of digital content.

Promise of growth and reach on social networks

With her millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram, Carla Flila continues to expand her fan base and gain recognition for her talent and creative content. Her ability to generate authentic and entertaining content positions her as a relevant figure on social networks. Its influence is expected to continue to grow and reach an even wider audience in the years to come.

Connection with followers and public reception

One of Carla Flila's strengths is her ability to connect with her followers. Through his channel on mtmad and his social networks, he shares intimate moments of his life and provides a safe space for his followers to feel identified. Her authenticity and approachability have made her a reference for many, and her ability to maintain a close relationship with her audience will surely lead to greater success in the future.

Carla Flila and Drimydolls

Currently, Carla Flila has collaborated on a project to market a pretty rag doll with her appearance. You can get it on this website.

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