Original rag dolls

Do you want to give a super special detail? Without a doubt, a rag doll is one of the best options to surprise the little ones in the house and at Drimydolls we have a wide range of original rag dolls.

original rag dolls

What are rag dolls?

Rag dolls are a traditional children's toy, made with scraps of rag that were sewn together to be filled with pieces of different materials. They are some of the oldest toys in existence, documented since Roman times with the discovery of dolls dating from the first half of the 5th century.

Main differences in rag dolls?

The big difference can be found in the shape, size, fabrics and especially in the rag doll dresses that each one usually wears. Each model has different features, characteristic hair, they are dressed in such variable ways and are assigned a different personality.

What are the best-selling rag dolls?

The best-selling Drimydolls rag dolls are the following:

Iris rag doll

unicorn rag doll

Iris has the name of the Greek goddess of the Rainbow, and seeks to fill you with joy and magic with its colors that will open the doors to a fantasy world.

She is the Unicorn rag doll of the collection, she is wearing an incredible tulle of iridescent colors and underneath a long designer silk dress.

On this beautiful doll, a Unicorn headband stands out on her beautiful colored hair, which makes her truly unique. Her intense purple and violet eyes draw a lot of attention, standing out on her beautiful face.

Ayla rag doll

original rag doll

The name Ayla is the Nordic princess from the Drimydolls collection, it has a curious meaning related to the bright light of the Moon, which illuminates the dark nights, turning them into bright days.

This rag doll has striking turquoise blue eyes and beautiful blonde hair held in a long braid. Our lovely rag doll, Ayla, has a blue dress with glitter and carefully placed snowflakes. All of its accessories are also this blue color.

Sirma rag doll

original rag doll

The name Sirma means bright star.

She is the most adventurous, happy and fun rag doll in the collection. This doll has a unique beauty, everything about it transmits joy and happiness. You will be surprised by her long, soft and wavy red hair and you will be amazed by her sparkling green eyes like the emeralds that this doll has.

Sirma is a very chic and flirtatious rag doll, her clothes are fun as well as trendy. What he likes most is to laugh and play lively and entertaining games.

Have these original rag dolls in your hands that your little one will fall in love with. Discover more rag dolls from this special collection.

original rag dolls
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