Rag dolls in Madrid

Meet Drimydolls rag dolls.

These rag dolls have incredible eyelashes. In addition, the entire manufacturing process is handmade, providing the Drimydolls rag doll brand with a sustainable manufacturing process.

Sirma rag doll

If you want to know more about these rag dolls, visit the web store , give excitement to the little ones. In addition, playing with rag dolls allows children to identify in a simple way with the real world. Thus managing to adapt their own identity and social reality when encountering situations that they must solve by seeing themselves reflected in their own dolls.

We believe in the importance of imaginative play, of creating memories that accompany you for life, always using sustainable and quality materials.

"We don't know what the dolls of the future will be like, what we do know is that rag dolls will always be with us"

  • Certificado EUIPO Drimydolls

    Certification of registration protection of our brand and patents of all our doll models.

  • Certificado AIJU drimydolls

    The only Spanish notified body for directive 2009/48/EC on the safety of toys, certifies that our products comply with CE regulations.

  • Certificado CTI Drimydolls

    International certificate on compliance with European regulations regarding the materials and composition of our products.

  • Certificado CE Drimydolls

    The CE marking certifies that, as manufacturers, we comply with safety, health and environmental protection regulations.

  • Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers

    It is the entity that brings together the toy sector in Spain.

    Its mission is to represent game and toy manufacturing companies, distributors and subsidiaries to defend their particular interests.

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We are a Spanish manufacturer and all our products are created sustainably.