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The majestic journey of Ayla, the princess doll

From the cold and mystical Nordic lands, emerges the imposing and tender figure of Ayla, the princess doll. Its essence, beyond the fabrics and colors, embodies the brave and magical spirit of the Norse legends. With Ayla, each game becomes an adventure through snowy landscapes and castles sparkling under the moonlight.

Every time darkness falls, Ayla, with her turquoise blue eyes, reflects the bright light of the Moon, turning gloomy nights into moments full of magic and hope. Her long blonde braid flutters like a flag marking the beginning of a new fairy tale, one in which the princess is a friend and confidant.

Features of Ayla, the princess doll

Design and appearance

Ayla is a princess doll wearing a blue dress sprinkled with glitter and decorated with delicate snowflakes. Her blonde hair, gathered in a long braid, perfectly complements her regal outfit, immersing you in a Nordic tale.

Face and expression

Ayla's piercing turquoise blue eyes are windows to worlds full of magic and bravery. His gaze is an invitation to discover stories of courage, friendship and true love.

Rediscover imaginative play

Ayla is not just a doll; It is the perfect companion to venture into realms where imagination has no limits. At his side, little dreamers can experience epics worthy of the greatest sagas.

Artisan touch

Each Princess Ayla doll is a reflection of the meticulousness and passion with which it is created. This attention to detail ensures that each Ayla is unique, a handcrafted treasure to be treasured.

Doll Materials

Ayla is made with premium materials, from her bright blue dress to her matching accessories, guaranteeing beauty, durability and a soft and pleasant touch.

Wrist care

Despite her mystical origin, Ayla requires affection and care. Clean gently with a damp cloth and neutral soap, avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun, so that it continues to illuminate your days and nights with its presence.

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