¿Por qué es tan importante que las niñas y niños jueguen con muñecas de trapo?

Why is it so important for girls and boys to play with rag dolls?

Symbolic play reflects its importance in learning to socialize from a young age with their environment and with communication. And the game is necessary throughout childhood, and it evolves as the child grows.

From 18 months onwards, a very important event takes place on a cognitive level: the incorporation of symbolic play. That is, the boy or girl's ability to imitate real-life situations and put themselves in other people's shoes. Through this type of game with rag dolls, situations from the world around them are represented. Thus, during this activity, the boy or girl continually goes from what is real to what is imaginary.

Playing with rag dolls allows the child to identify in a simple way with the real world. Thus managing to adapt their own identity and social reality when encountering situations that they must solve by seeing themselves reflected in their own dolls.

But not only this, playing with rag dolls benefits in the following

  • Allows education in equality
  • Boost the imagination
  • Improve language
  • Increase your responsibility
  • Improves understanding of standards
  • Improve your social skills
  • Allows empathy and understanding to appear during the game
  • Affection is learned

Additionally, several investigations have observed that while children play with dolls, brain activity is recorded in the posterior superior temporal sulcus, a brain region associated with social information processing and empathy. And this happens even if they are playing alone, which does not happen in solitary play with an electronic device such as a cell phone.

For all this, it is very important to be able to offer the boy or girl a wide variety of possibilities so that they can choose what to play with and be able to develop their symbolic skills to the maximum, supplying the different scenarios and realities, hand in hand with their rag doll. .

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