Permite a tu peque desarrollarse con el juego simbólico a través de nuestras muñecas de trapo.

Allow your little one to develop symbolic play through our rag dolls.

When a boy or girl plays with a rag doll, they are developing the emotional skills and abilities essential for their life, not only as a child, but also as an adult. These skills are developed through symbolic play and are very important for all children, regardless of their gender.

If you watch your little one playing with a doll, you will notice that he repeats phrases and actions that are part of his own life, as he interacts and develops with it, helping him process his own experiences. While you act by feeding him, telling him a story, rocking him or changing diapers, he is giving meaning to everything he has lived and experienced in his daily routines.

Many times you will identify phrases that you yourself say, even with the same tone. "Come on, it's time to go to bed..." your little one says to his rag doll as he prepares her bed. Here, your little one will be working on a symbolic game, which allows him to understand the world and the environment around him, giving meaning to his own life in a way that he can control.

When the little ones play with dolls, not only are they working on socio-affective and emotional learning, they are also strengthening and developing language as they express their feelings and actions in words.

Symbolic play allows you to learn, create and strengthen those first steps in your little one's development , and thanks to Drimydolls rag dolls, we will allow your child to develop with a unique rag doll.

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