Las muñecas no tienen género, trabajamos por un juego sin estereotipos.

Dolls have no gender, we work for a game without stereotypes.

As you already know, at Drimydolls we support the idea that toys have no gender. All toys are suitable for everyone. It is the little one who has to decide what their ideal toy is, and it does not have to be imposed by society.

Even so, the belief is present that dolls are only toys for girls, but that is not the case. Dolls are a perfect toy to enjoy symbolic play during childhood, allowing your little one to develop multiple skills with them.

At Drimydolls, we see that it is necessary to fight to break the established taboo that only girls play with dolls, so as not to continue reinforcing this stereotype and create a more egalitarian society. Furthermore, not giving children the opportunity to play with dolls limits their development opportunities, without giving them the option to discover the world around them equally.

Although we have made a lot of progress in recent years in this regard, there is still much to learn. Therefore, it is essential to promote these values ​​from a very young age, and to do so, we see it as very necessary for brands like ours to give value to this and position themselves that dolls are not focused on any gender.

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