Las muñecas de trapo, una tendencia que nunca pasa de moda

Rag dolls, a trend that never goes out of style

The success of rag dolls lies in the fact that they are dolls made with love. In a world full of plastic and mass production, it is not strange that products made by hand, with sustainable materials, draw more attention, with the aim of rewarding this quality. This is the case of the manufacture of our rag dolls, which are capable of transmitting warmth and generating attachment in the people who own them.

Its main component is cotton, thus making rag dolls soft dolls with which you can spend many hours playing and turning them into great company. In addition, they can be used in a pedagogical way as we talked about in a previous post , promoting development and autonomy.

Rag dolls have always played a main role at some point in our lives, being popular all over the world and for centuries. The first historical references to this type of doll date back to Egyptian times. Also, there was a time when rag dolls were very common, but they were pushed aside by plastic dolls. However, in recent years they have returned with force, preserving their traditional appearance in their manufacture , but like the Drimydolls dolls with a renewed appearance, reminiscent of the rag dolls of our childhood, but with a spectacular aesthetic and with the requirements safety and quality today.

Our dolls are made by hand, by magnificent people who put all their love into placing every detail, to achieve this incredible result.

If you want to get a unique, very special gift of exceptional quality, you are in the right place. Give a Drimydolls rag doll.

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