La muñeca de trapo: Un viaje a lo largo de la historia.

The rag doll: A journey through history.

The rag doll is a classic toy that has been part of the childhood of many generations. But do you know the history of this emblematic figure? Discover the historical journey of the rag doll and how it has evolved over time.

Origins of the rag doll

The first versions of the rag doll date back to ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptians and Romans, where leftover pieces of cloth were used to create small figures. These were used both by children to play and in rituals and religious ceremonies.

Drimydolls rag doll

The rag doll in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the rag doll became a popular toy among girls of the time. Made by hand from scraps of cloth and stuffed with straw, these dolls not only served as a toy, but also as a means of teaching girls about housework and childcare.

The rag doll in the 19th century

The 19th century marked a before and after for the rag doll . During this time, mass production became possible thanks to the Industrial Revolution, allowing rag dolls to become more accessible to all social classes. It was also around this time that cotton became popular in the use of fabrics. It was here when it began to be used as a filler as well.

Raggedy Ann, the most famous rag doll of the 20th century

The most recognized rag doll of the 20th century is, without a doubt, Raggedy Ann. Created by American writer Johnny Gruelle in 1915, Raggedy Ann is not only a doll, but also the protagonist of a series of children's books. Raggedy Ann's popularity turned the rag doll into a popular culture icon.

Raggedy Ann Rag Doll

The rag doll today

Today, the rag doll remains a popular toy. Although the materials and manufacturing methods have changed, the charm and simplicity of these dolls remain intact. Additionally, in an era dominated by technology, rag dolls offer a nostalgic and tangible alternative to digital toys.

As we have seen, the rag doll has come a long way from its humble origins to becoming an iconic toy. Throughout its history, it has provided nostalgia and affection to adults and the elderly, as well as company, comfort and fun to boys and girls.

The Future of the Rag Doll: Drimydolls

In the current doll scene, Drimydolls emerges, a brand that has become the perfect fusion between the history of the rag doll and the future. Drimydolls is a company that understands the rich history of rag dolls and brings them into the 21st century with a modern and fresh touch, proving that these toys still have a lot to offer.

Drimydolls dolls are the result of careful craftsmanship and innovative design. Following the tradition of handmade rag dolls, each Drimydoll is carefully crafted with high-quality materials and detailed finishes. However, these dolls are no slouch in terms of modern style and functionality. With their contemporary and attractive design, Drimydolls are more than a toy, they are evocative of childhood, they are educational as they are inspired by the Montessori philosophy and the importance of symbolic play.

Furthermore, Drimydolls not only looks to the future in terms of design, but also in terms of sustainability. Aware of the importance of protecting our planet for future generations, the brand is committed to producing dolls responsibly, using recyclable materials and promoting sustainable manufacturing practices.

Drimydolls rag doll


The rag doll has stood the test of time, evolving and adapting to each new generation without losing its original essence. Drimydolls are a shining example of how you can pay tribute to the rich history of the rag doll while looking to the future, preparing to continue delighting generations to come with its charm and continued relevance.

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