Emoción en Drimydolls: ¡Primera Finalista a Mejor Muñeca 2023!

Excitement at Drimydolls: First Runner-up for Best Doll 2023!

Drimydolls featured in two categories!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce news that brings joy to the entire Drimydolls team and our community.

We are pleased to share that we have been named the first finalists in the prestigious 2023 Best Doll Awards in no less than two different categories! This exceptional recognition goes not only to our beloved brand, Drimydolls, but also to our beloved doll Iris.

An achievement in competition with the big brands

This news becomes even more exciting when you consider that we compete head-to-head with several big-name toy brands. Making it to the finals in both categories is a testament to the immense love and passion we invest in every Drimydolls we create. We are proud to know that our products stand out in the toy industry. We are the first finalists for best doll 2023, it's incredible!

Recognition from the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers

This prestigious recognition comes from the respected Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers. We couldn't be more grateful or excited for this nomination. It represents a milestone in our journey as a toy manufacturer and drives us to continue creating products of exceptional quality.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to each of you for your unwavering support. Your love for Drimydolls and your constant support are the reason why moments like this are possible. This is not only a victory for us, but also for the entire Drimydolls community who have accompanied us on this exciting journey.

First Finalist for Best Doll 2023: An Achievement to Celebrate

Mentioning the title of "First Runner-up for Best Doll 2023" is an honor that we repeat with enthusiasm, as it reflects not only the quality of our products, but also the passion we dedicate to every detail. This victory drives us to continue innovating and offering the best dolls possible.

best doll 2023

A Bright Future for Drimydolls Dolls

While we can't predict with certainty what the dolls of the future will look like, what we know for sure is that rag dolls will always be with us. We will continue to create toys that inspire the imagination and provide love and companionship to generations of boys and girls around the world.

Once again, we want to express our most sincere thanks. Your trust and support are the reason why Drimydolls is in this exciting time. Thank you millions for being part of this wonderful journey with Drimydolls and celebrating with us the title of First Finalist for Best Doll 2023 ! 💖🎉✨

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Quiero la muñeca de Carla la del conjunto azul y chaqueta de cuero


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