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Sustainable rag dolls

Ecological habits are becoming integrated into our lifestyle and little by little, society is focusing on more responsible consumption, from food, clothing, the transportation we use, etc. But what about in the rest of the areas? Most of the games and toys that children around us receive are made of plastic. Dolls, construction parts, cars, buckets, shovels, kitchenettes and endless plastic accessories that accumulate almost without control.

For this reason, at Drimydolls we feel responsible for ensuring safe play for children through our rag dolls, while at the same time we are committed to leaving them a more sustainable world. Under this philosophy, we have taken great care of all the manufacturing processes, as well as the materials that make up our rag dolls, being part of our vision as a brand to work for the sustainability of the planet.

We cover eco responsibility in all its areas; from the workshop where our team makes the rag dolls, always working during daylight hours where sunlight is the main source of lighting, always maintaining healthy air by filling the room with green plants, which translates into less energy expenditure and a fresh and natural work environment.

Furthermore, this is also present in the manufacturing process , fleeing from all the industrialization of products, focusing on more artisanal and therefore less polluting manufacturing. Until the use of sustainable materials for the manufacture of these beautiful rag dolls:

  • The body fabrics of each of our rag dolls are made of natural cotton.
  • To fill them and make them soft dolls, we use hollow fibers composed of recycled material and cotton, which turns them into synthetic fibers.
  • The dolls' hair is made with natural fibers, using dyes that do not contain any harmful elements. Also getting unique colors like that of our red-haired doll Sirma.
  • All the fabrics used to make the rag doll dresses are cotton and polyester in a percentage of 70%-30%.
  • The threads used to embroider the face of each doll are also made of the highest quality cotton.
  • And of course in our rag doll manufacturing process, we do not use components or resources derived from animals.

We carefully choose the materials for our rag dolls based on their composition, being analyzed in a laboratory to certify their quality and comply with current safety regulations, since we know that they will be handled by children, which for us is our top priority. .

Rag dolls are a tool to transmit ethical and respectful values . And therefore, we see that encouraging the use of sustainable materials from their first toys will help in development and growth while being respectful of the environment that surrounds them.

Drimydolls rag dolls

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