First finalist in the Best Toy Award 2023

We have been first finalists in the Best Toy 2023 awards in not just one, but two categories!, both as the Drimydolls brand and with the Iris Doll . We competed against several major toy brands and making it to the finals is a testament to the love and passion we put into each Drimydolls.

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We don't know what the dolls of the future will be like, what we do know is that rag dolls will always be with us.

💙 Everything happens 💙

You are not a champion because of the position you are in, you are a champion because of what you fight for your dreams

Give the gift of hope, give the gift of Drimydolls

muñecas únicas

Drimydolls rag dolls: Unique and personalized dolls.

Our Drimydolls rag dolls are created to promote imaginative play in little ones.

Customizable and handmade with high quality materials, they are an ideal gift for any little one, being the object of attachment that will accompany them in their development throughout their childhood. But they are not only for the little ones, our rag dolls are unique dolls created to revive the childhood memories of older people thanks to their nostalgic appearance and artisanal quality. A comforting option to connect with the past and embrace the inner child.

Our Drimydolls rag dolls are the perfect choice for those looking for a unique and sustainable toy, and for those who want to relive times from their childhood.

  • Visión Drimydolls


    At Drimydolls, we support the need to create quality, handmade rag dolls that encourage creativity and play without distinction of age or gender.

    In addition, we work for the sustainability of the planet, which is why all our dolls are created with certified sustainable materials.

  • Misión drimydolls


    We were born with the idea of ​​creating the illusion and enjoyment with our rag dolls.

    We want our dolls to create new memories or to bring back those that you already created in your childhood.

    Our rag dolls are designed to create illusion.

  • Valores drimydolls


    At Drimydolls we have always believed that a doll is eternal and since our childhood we have placed our trust in it.
    our most valuable emotions. If we give a doll to the people we love, when they receive it they will not only be surprised by this beautiful gift, they will also feel the enthusiasm that we have put into longing for eternal affection for them.

Discover each of the details that make Drimydolls dolls unique

Return to the world of illusion

All dolls are handmade with great dedication

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