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Dark blue doll dress

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Immerse yourself in the mystery and grace of the dark blue dress for Drimydolls dolls. A representation of the starry night, this dress envelops your doll in an aura of enigma and distinction, making it stand out with its depth of color and subtle design.

Highlights of the dark blue doll dress:

  • Deep Color: The dark blue hue, reminiscent of the night sky, adds unmatched depth and richness to the outfit.
  • Handmade: Maintaining the Drimydolls tradition, this dress has been meticulously handmade, ensuring every detail and guaranteeing the highest quality.
  • Elegant Versatility: Its classic design makes it suitable for any occasion, from an imaginary tea party to adventures under the stars.

Ideal for Every Drimydolls:

Suitable for any Drimydolls doll, this dress offers a sophisticated and timeless touch. With its deep blue, it evokes stories of distant seas, night skies and limitless dreams.

With the Dark Blue Dress, give your Drimydolls a style that combines classic with contemporary, allowing it to immerse itself in a universe of fantasy and elegance. Every fold, every seam, is a tribute to the craftsmanship and passion that characterizes Drimydolls. Dress your doll in this splendid outfit and let the dark blue tell its own magical story!


All the materials with which this dress has been made are natural and sustainable.


Peninsula: 24-48 working hours.

Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla: 3-4 working days.

Shipping policy


You must wash the dress carefully, always with cold water and using neutral soaps (do not soak or wring).

Drimydolls dolls have exclusive PVC eyelashes that should be treated carefully, they should not be pulled or subjected to heat, nor put in the mouth since both you and anyone else could suffer the risk of being ingested.


Not indicated for children under 36 months, risk of use due to possible suffocation, as it has removable and small parts.