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Vilanova Gymnastics Club Doll + Gymnast Pack + Leotard and Hair Tie

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We present the Vilanova Gymnastics Club Doll, a spectacular replica of the equipment official of your club. With the logo on the front and back of the tracksuit, and the stylish club name on the side of the pants, this doll is much more than just a mascot; It is a perfect companion for every member of the Vilanova Gymnastics Club.

Personalize your Vilanova Club Gymnast Doll

At Drimydolls, we understand the importance of feeling supported and safe during your training sessions and competitions. That's why we've created an unmatched attachment pet: this doll is not just a pet, she's unique and special, just like you. The Gymnast Doll will accompany you in your competitions, giving you the confidence you need to achieve your goals.

But that is not all; At Drimydolls, we go further. We understand how significant the colors and pride of your sports club are. What would you say if we could work magic and create even more personalization for your companion? This is the dream that we are willing to turn into reality for your team. This is possible with the gymnast pack, plus WE GIVE YOU AWAY a leotard and scrunchie.

What does the Gymnast Pack include?

  • 1 Set of Fabric Markers with 8 high-quality colors and suitable for children.
  • 1 protective inner jersey insole in soft felt
  • 1 shiny fabric scrunchie to personalize it with your markers
  • 1 pair of toe caps for your doll to do its floor exercise
  • 1 blister with 750 colorful stickers to fill your jersey with shine
  • 1 customizable t-shirt with a gymnast silhouette to change your doll's outfit
  • 1 box to store your doll's accessories created with sustainable and recycled materials.

At Drimydolls, we are committed to making your club's dream come true: having a unique symbol that fully identifies with its athletes. Every gymnast doll we create is a living testament that dreams can become reality.

It's time to take your club pride to a whole new level.

We cannot put limits on our dreams, the more we dream, the higher our goal will be.


The box is made with sustainable and recycled materials.

The fabrics are made with natural materials, in a proportion of 70% cotton - 30% polyester.

The markers are suitable for children.


Peninsula: 24-48 working hours.

Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla: 3-4 working days.

Shipping policy


The dimensions of the gymnast pack box are 18 * 18 * 4.


Fabrics must be washed by hand and always separately. You should do it carefully, always with cold water and using neutral soaps (do not soak or twist).

Drimydolls dolls have exclusive PVC eyelashes that should be treated carefully, they should not be pulled or subjected to heat, nor put in the mouth since both you and anyone else could suffer the risk of being ingested.


Not indicated for children under 36 months, risk of use due to possible suffocation, as it has removable and small parts.