Celebrate Children's Day with Handmade Drimydolls

Celebrate Children's Day with Handmade Drimydolls

Give love and learning with our rag dolls

Children's Day is a special occasion to celebrate the little ones in the house and make them feel loved and appreciated. Give the gift of a handmade Drimydolls doll, perfect to accompany your children in their growth and development, while encouraging symbolic play and the Montessori method.

Symbolic play and the Montessori method in our dolls

Our Drimydolls rag dolls are designed with symbolic play and the Montessori method in mind, helping children develop social, emotional and cognitive skills. With our handmade dolls, little ones can explore their world and create their own stories while learning and having fun.

celebrate children's day with Drimydolls

Visit our store and discover the perfect doll for your child

Click here to visit our online store and find the perfect rag doll to give as a gift on Children's Day. We have a wide variety of handmade dolls, each with unique details that make them special and exclusive. Additionally, we offer additional dresses and accessories to further personalize your children's play experience.

Don't wait any longer and celebrate Children's Day with Drimydolls!

This Children's Day, choose a handmade Drimydolls doll as the perfect gift to show your love and support for the little ones in the house. We are sure that our rag dolls will be a hit with children and will become an unforgettable playmate for life.

  • Certificado EUIPO Drimydolls

    Certification of registration protection of our brand and patents of all our doll models.

  • Certificado AIJU drimydolls

    The only Spanish notified body for directive 2009/48/EC on the safety of toys, certifies that our products comply with CE regulations.

  • Certificado CTI Drimydolls

    International certificate on compliance with European regulations regarding the materials and composition of our products.

  • Certificado CE Drimydolls

    The CE marking certifies that, as manufacturers, we comply with safety, health and environmental protection regulations.

  • Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers

    It is the entity that brings together the toy sector in Spain.

    Its mission is to represent game and toy manufacturing companies, distributors and subsidiaries to defend their particular interests.

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