Celebrate Mother's Day with Drimydolls

Celebrate Mother's Day with Drimydolls

Give a unique and special detail for moms

Mother's Day is a very special date when we celebrate and thank our mothers for their unconditional love, support and dedication. Surprise your mother with a handmade Drimydolls rag doll, a gift that transcends time and represents the tenderness and affection that they have always given us.

Original gifts for Mother's Day

Unique dolls with personality for the most special mothers

Each Drimydolls doll is made by hand with high quality materials and an exclusive design that makes them unique and special. These rag dolls are a reflection of the love and dedication that mothers put into everything they do for their children, making them the perfect gift for Mother's Day.

Visit our store and find the ideal doll for your mother

Click here to visit our online store and discover the perfect handmade rag doll to give to your mother on her day. We have a wide variety of dolls and designs that adapt to different tastes and personalities, making sure you find the perfect detail for that special person.

Celebrate Mother's Day with a unique and memorable gift from Drimydolls!

This Mother's Day, show your mom how much you love and appreciate her with a handmade Drimydolls doll. We are convinced that this unique and special detail will be an unforgettable gift that she will treasure forever.

  • Certificado EUIPO Drimydolls

    Certification of registration protection of our brand and patents of all our doll models.

  • Certificado AIJU drimydolls

    The only Spanish notified body for directive 2009/48/EC on the safety of toys, certifies that our products comply with CE regulations.

  • Certificado CTI Drimydolls

    International certificate on compliance with European regulations regarding the materials and composition of our products.

  • Certificado CE Drimydolls

    The CE marking certifies that, as manufacturers, we comply with safety, health and environmental protection regulations.

  • Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers

    It is the entity that brings together the toy sector in Spain.

    Its mission is to represent game and toy manufacturing companies, distributors and subsidiaries to defend their particular interests.

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