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The magical world of Iris, the unicorn doll

In a magical corner of the Drimydolls world, where dreams intertwine with reality, Iris was born, a unicorn doll of incomparable beauty. It was no ordinary doll; It had the ability to transport anyone who played with it to a universe where everything imaginable could come to life.

Every morning, when the sun began to paint the sky with golden tones, Iris spread her unicorn headband and summoned the colors of the rainbow. Each color had a story, a tale, an adventure waiting to be lived. With her iridescent tulle, she danced in a waltz with the clouds, leaving behind a trail of magic and joy.

As night fell, when the world fell into silence and darkness, Iris, the unicorn doll, returned to her corner at Drimydolls, waiting for a new dawn and a new opportunity to fill the world of those who believe with joy and fantasy. in magic

Characteristics of Iris, the unicorn doll

Design and appearance

Iris is a unicorn doll highlighted by her multi-colored iridescent tulle. Underneath this fascinating tulle, Iris wears a long, elegant dress made of silk. Her unicorn-shaped headband sits atop her striking multicolored hair, giving her a unique look.

Face and expression

His purple and violet eyes are captivating and seem to tell stories of magical worlds and endless adventures. Each look of Iris invites you to immerse yourself in a world full of imagination and wonder.

Rediscover imaginative play

Iris is not just a doll; It is a key to a world where imagination reigns. Through play with Iris, children can explore worlds full of magic, adventure, and endless possibilities.

Artisanal touch

Each Iris unicorn doll is carefully handcrafted, ensuring a unique design and unmatched character. This attention to detail reflects the dedication and love that Drimydolls puts into each creation.

Doll Materials

Iris is made with high quality materials, from its iridescent tulle to its silk dress, guaranteeing not only beauty, but also durability and comfort.

wrist care

Although Iris is magical, she needs to be cared for. It is advisable to clean it with a damp cloth, neutral soap and cold water and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun to keep its charm and beauty intact.

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