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Beyond the twilight, as the moon rises in the night sky, a magical figure emerges. It is Selene, our witch doll and sister of the sorceress Diana , a flash of imagination and magic come true. Born of ancient legends and bathed in lunar radiance, Selene is more than a doll: she is a piece of the night itself.

Selene captivates with eyes in shades of violet and purple, as if they reflect the cosmic depths of the night sky. Those same eyes seem to hold ancient secrets and mystical stories waiting to be told.

Purple is the color of magic, mystery and night. And Selene wears it with pride. Her long, silky purple hair flows like a river of stars, while her enigmatic dress and shoes, also in that same magical tone, make her stand out as the true queen of the night that she is.

Selene loves to listen. Every magical story you share with her becomes a treasure she keeps in her heart. But there's something even more special about this witch doll: she has the power to grant wishes. What dreams would you share with her?

Not only is she a companion during the day; Selene is also the guardian of the nights. Watch over your dreams, ensuring they are sweet and serene, protecting you from nightmares and fears. With her by your side, every night is a magical journey.

Inspired by the legends of Greek mythology, "Selene" means "moonlight." She is a queen who shines brightly in the sky, illuminating our worlds with her grace and magic.

More than a toy, Selene is an invitation to dream, to imagine and explore the universe of possibilities found within each of us. Relive the importance of imagination and create unforgettable moments with Selene.

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Get Selene, the witch doll

Immerse yourself in a magical world with Selene

Today, in the midst of the digital revolution, we highlight the essence of the traditional game. And this is where Selene, the witch doll from Drimydolls, shines with her own light.

The magic that Selene gives off transcends the ordinary. With its intense and enigmatic look, it invites you to travel to corners where fantasy has no limits. Her outfit, woven with hidden stories and spells, is the perfect companion for any adventure.

Holding Selene in your hands feels like more than just an interaction. It is a magical connection, a link between realities. Playing with this witch doll means being part of a story where the only limitation is your imagination.

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Craftsmanship and charm in every detail

Selene, our witch doll , is the fruit of love for traditional crafts. Each element of its design has been designed to dazzle and surprise, being a true reflection of the passion and dedication in its creation.

With Selene, you not only acquire a toy, but a magical companion, who preserves the traditions and charms of yesteryear.

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Commitment and quality at Selene

The Selene witch doll combines design, sustainability and meticulous craftsmanship. Every detail has been thought out so that Selene is the perfect companion on every mystical adventure you decide to undertake.

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Essential care for Selene

To preserve the magic and beauty of your Selene witch doll , it is vital to treat it with the love and care it deserves. We recommend you wash it by hand with cold water and neutral soaps, always protecting its most delicate elements.

Ready for the magic? Dare to meet Selene.
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