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Pedagogical Values ​​of Playing with Rag Dolls

Social skills

Playing with rag dolls consolidates the social skills that children begin to build in their early years of development. When the boy or girl plays inside the house, he or she learns to communicate kindly and cooperate with other family members. By playing with his doll, he also learns to care for it and communicate with it.

When their games with rag dolls are played with other boys and girls, they discover a world of emotions and put into action the learning acquired within the family environment, thus promoting communication, collaboration and participation in the games.


The type of play that occurs when children spend time with rag dolls helps develop their imagination as they discover creative, imaginary scenarios with their dolls and other children. Imagination is essential in their development, since tomorrow it will help them develop their ingenuity, their inventiveness and work to achieve their dreams.


By learning important social skills at a young age, children also learn to be responsible. They learn to care for a doll by playing with it. Assimilating this skill can help our children take care of their pets, take care of the rest of their toys, even older siblings understand more easily how to take care of their younger siblings.

Empathy and understanding

Another important skill that children learn when playing with rag dolls is to process emotions such as empathy and understanding. Just as caring for their doll teaches them responsibility, it also teaches them to feel respect and tolerance for those around them and allows them to grow into loving and kind people.

Communication of feelings

Another skill that is promoted in children when playing with their rag doll is learning to transfer their emotions to adults through the feelings that they attribute to their doll. In this way they exercise their skill to transfer their sensations freely and without hesitation during their period of development, which will allow them to implement in the future the bases of the capacity for dialogue and communication between the people around them.


Playing with rag dolls and their friends, children encounter a world full of new situations for their games. Communication with each other can strengthen your vocabulary by filling it with practical and functional language. In this way, by discovering the world around them with their doll, they will establish a way of communicating through an increasingly appropriate language.

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