La huella que deja en tu vida la muñeca de trapo

The mark that the rag doll leaves on your life

Rag dolls awaken that little girl in you. With them you will remember your childhood, they will allow you to become small again. It's time to search within yourself. Let out the little girl inside you!

Let the dolls open the door to your dreams. Live with enthusiasm, smile and play. Remember when you held your first doll in your hands, that rag doll that you still haven't forgotten. What was it called? Your doll has always been part of your life, with it you learned to dream, you were innocent, creative, trusting and full of fantasy.

With your doll you shared the most beautiful moments of your childhood, you took it everywhere. remember? Your rag doll was always there when you needed her, she protected you when you were scared, you combed her hair, you put rags on her... you even painted her face once.

How many adventures you lived with her. And now, where is he? where is your doll? Where are those happy, carefree moments when anything was possible?

Reawaken the little girl inside you, take her out and play with her. Put on Tinkerbell's shoes, take out those wings to fly and let the light inside you be seen, even if you don't believe it, it's there. Paint your life with colors and fill everything with magic like when you were little.

Your inner child tells you not to do everything you have to do, but rather what your heart asks you to do. Imagine things and fight for them, they will come true!

Just like when you were a girl and all your dreams came true. Now you can achieve it too, because anything is possible if you can imagine it.

Teach your children the value of sharing their happy moments with a rag doll, she will keep her secrets forever, like your doll kept yours. Let their imagination fly, like yours flew. Help them shape their dreams, taking small but safe steps with the hand of their soft doll. You will spend time as a family, playing, sharing your experiences and creating beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

And remember, playing is not just for children, playing is having fun, being entertained, it is dreaming, it is something very healthy that will bring you happiness. And if you are ever down, wake up the little girl in you. Think about everything you liked to do when you were little and do it.

Relive the importance of imaginative play with Drimydolls rag dolls.

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