Descubre el viaje de la muñeca Iris

Discover the journey of the Iris doll

Once upon a time, in the magical kingdom of colors, there was a very unique doll, the Iris doll. Iris was not an ordinary doll, but a unicorn doll. Her radiant hair was a display of rainbow hues and on her forehead shone a dazzling horn.

One day, Iris decided it was time to expand her horizons and discover new worlds.

the iris doll

The Iris doll is going to travel the world.

In her first destination, the city of toys, Iris met various dolls who told her stories full of laughter and games with children. Then, he visited the enigmatic forest of stories, where the flowers whispered legends and adventures to him.

His journey continued on the mountain of dreams, where the clouds showed him the hopes and desires of children around the world. In the ocean of songs, the waves sang beautiful melodies that made the stars dance.

Although every place she visited was wonderful, Iris felt that something was missing. He left a trail of color and joy in every place he visited, but he longed to share his experiences and discoveries.

Then, she remembered her friend, the Fairy Hannah. Together they came up with a plan. Iris, being a Drimydolls doll, could bring the magic of her kingdom to children around the world. She could be a friend to any boy or girl, playing, traveling with them and filling their days with laughter and colors.

Thus, the unicorn doll Iris, the most colorful and cheerful Drimydolls, was ready to share her adventures with the boy or girl who chose her as a companion. Because no matter where you are, there is always room for a little magic and color, there is always a place for a Drimydolls in a child's heart.

The Iris doll: The ideal companion for the little ones.

Although Iris is excited to meet her new friend, who will be the next Drimydolls to embark on her own adventure? We'll find out soon!

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